Monday, October 11, 2010

Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude brought the Larry games into the third dimension with fully rendered environments, and characters. The game was released on the original Xbox, Playstation 2 and PC and featured Larry Lovage, the nephew of the original Leisure Suit Larry in the title role. Larry is a college student, attempting to score with some of the feisty co-eds at his ivy league school. There are a lot of busty female  characters in this game, so we will be spending the next few days taking a look at some of the chest shots from the game. Today we will look at some of the loading screens, wallpapers and promotional renderings of several of the characters. Tomorrow we will look at some of the actual game play graphics, and the next day we will take a look at some of the NSFW pictures.

A loading screen for one of the mini-games shows a busty professional looking woman looking seductively at the player. Perhaps she is one of Larry's professors.
In another loading screen, Larry gets a good look at Morgan's chest in her tank top as he prepares to play a game of strip slaps.
Tilly is Assistant Dean Abrahamson's secretary. In the minigame, Larry has to gather the parts of a machine for Tilly. I'm not sure what kind of secretary comes to school wearing only her underwear? Perhaps Larry has on a pair of x-ray glasses that actually work.
Analisa Gambozinni looks like the a hungry cougar to me, but she is apparently an Italian co-ed out for a good time.

Analisa grabs her own boobs, apparently misplacing her bra.
I guess when you're a sex craved college co-ed, it's not an uncommon occurrence to misplace a bra or two. It would appear that Barbra Jo Bimbo below has also misplaced her bra, as she grabs her own boobs too.
Another busty beauty struts her stuff in her bikini.
Blizarbra has misplaced her boob sling as well, and uses one arm to cover up her naughty bits.

Luba Liscous busts out of her bra
Busty Zena has some full frontal cleavage in her tied up top.

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